Pre purchase house inspections and the 5 most frequently asked questions

When people contact Melbourne House Check for a property inspection in Melbourne they usually have a few questions. The five most common questions are as follows:

 Question: How quickly can you look at the house?

Answer: We contact the agent immediately and request an inspection time that suits all parties (agent, vendor and inspector). This inspection time and date is usually scheduled within 24 to 48 hours of you contacting us.

Question: How long after the building inspection will we receive the report?

Answer: We make sure that the report is delivered to you the same day as the inspection. Our reports on average are emailed before 10pm.

Question: We are wanting to make some changes to the house. Are you able to tell us if these changes are possible?

Answer: We definitely encourage you to outline any plans you have for your prospective house. Because we are registered builders we are qualified to discuss different options and can give you comprehensive advice on differing cost solutions.

Question: Will you measure our land?

Answer: Melbourne House Check measuring your land will not be as accurate as a land surveyor. We are happy to compare the actual site to the measurements shown on the section 32. If you would like this service just ask us prior to your scheduled inspection. You will need to email us a copy of the section 32.

Question: Are you insured and experienced to conduct building and pest inspections?

Answer: At Melbourne House check we are experienced and licenced builders. We are insured with both professional indemnity and public liability cover. We are trained and insured timber pest inspectors and we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients compressive advice that has taken a lifetime to acquire. If you commission Melbourne House Check to conduct a pre purchase building and pest inspection at your prospective house in Melbourne you can be assured of a thorough and professional service.


If you have any further questions regarding pre purchase building inspections, please make contact with us for a no obligation discussion on 1300 729 352, or send us an email here. 

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