Once you have commissioned us to conduct the building inspection we immediately make contact with the agent to schedule the inspection. Once we have scheduled a time that is convenient for the owner, agent and inspector we advise you of the date and time immediately.

While it is not insisted upon, it is definitely recommended that buyers attend the inspection. At Melbourne House Check, inspectors are generous in giving homeowners maintenance tips and advice in almost all the areas of a home, and by attending the inspection, it’s a good way to maximize the value of your house inspection.

A pre purchase house inspection takes approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the house and land.

Once we have inspected the house we begin preparing the inspection report which will be sent to you via email the same day as the inspection.

We service all suburbs of Melbourne and surrounding districts.

Payment for the inspection is made after the inspection. We except Visa, MasterCard, cheques or direct deposit.

A Pre purchase house inspection considers all structural and non-structural elements of the house. It documents all major and minor defects in the house and gives advice relating to the cost and appropriate trades people required to rectify the defects. You can learn more about what’s included in a pre-purchase house inspection here.

It is almost impossible for the average person to identify termite activity. It is common for termites to gain undetected access to houses, so it is vital to be sure that termites are not active in the house you are considering buying. A timber pest inspection is included in our combined building and pest inspection package, and you can learn more about what we look for here.

At Melbourne House Check we are experienced and licenced builders with years of experience in house construction and inspection. We are also trained timber pest inspectors, so you can be assured that your building inspector is qualified to identify all defects and conditions conducive to defects in your house. It is vital for your inspector to be experienced in the construction of all elements of the house that you are buying.

It is vital that if there are defects in the house you are considering they are costed. At Melbourne House Check we cost the rectification of the defects in order for you to make an informed decision prior to purchasing. We also advise you of the relevant professional required to rectify the problems. At Melbourne House Check we offer FREE ongoing building advice if you purchase the house.

Yes we do. Prior to the inspection, if you are able to advise us of any plans you have, or walls you would like to remove we will consider these at the inspection and give you specific advice and direction. At Melbourne House Check we also offer FREE ongoing building advice if you purchase the house.

When signing a contract of sale, it is vital that you include a condition that it is subject to a building and pest inspection to the satisfaction of the purchaser. If then, you are not satisfied with anything within the building report, you may have the right to withdraw from the contract.

At Melbourne House Check we are fully insured with Public Liability and professional indemnity cover to the value of $1,000,000.00.

Newly constructed houses are just as prone to having defects as older houses. In so many cases builders rush the end of house construction and subsequently mistakes are made. Our statistics show that it is common for brand new houses to have more defects than older houses that have been lived in for years.

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