Pre purchase house inspections in Melbourne: the positives.

During pre purchase building inspections at Melbourne House Check I constantly arrive at houses for sale and think this. “What a beautiful house, it looks so well cared for.” Then, once I have accessed the roof space, the subfloor, considered the structural elements, the site drainage, looked for termite activity or conditions that are conducive to termites, I walk away hoping that my client doesn’t buy this house. And while I don’t quite say those words, I do highlight clearly the list of current defects, and any conditions that are conducive to future structural defects or pest activity. It’s often disappointing for people to find out that such a well presented house is covering up major problems.

However, the wonderful thing about having a pre purchase building inspection is that people can negotiate the sale of a house with much more confidence about what the defects are, and how much they will cost to rectify. They understand the degree of risk of the particular defect and have no surprise down the track when problems start to present themselves after settlement. Pre purchase house inspections and pests inspections are somewhat like an insurance policy that simply prevents a disaster occurring. Always make sure a condition of your sale is “subject to a building and pest inspection to the full satisfaction of the purchaser”.

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