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Top 5 things to check before Buying a house

Melbourne House Check have compiled a list of things to check during house inspections prior to buying your house. Because there are so many elements of a house that need to be considered prior to purchase, it is vital that you do not assume that all is well. Be advised that perfect houses are extremely rear, therefore assessing the degree defects and considering the costs of rectification is a must prior to establishing your financial limit.

  1. Establish that the house is structurally sound. It is our number 1 item. You would be surprised to know how many houses that we inspect have major structural defects that are not obvious. Major structural defects are never cheap to fix, so always make a full assessment of all the structural elements of the house, including the subfloor, roof space, stumps and footings.
  2. Check for termites. Second to checking if the house is structurally sound, establishing that there are no active termites is the next most important consideration, because if termites are active, the house won’t be structurally sound for long. Termites in most cases obtain undetected access to the timber components of houses, and houses that are built on concrete slabs are at an even greater risk. Now days all houses in Melbourne are at risk of termite attack, and because termites can cause a catastrophic degree of damage in a very short amount of time, it is vital that a thorough termite inspection is undertaken prior to your purchase. Remember also, that house insurance doesn’t cover termite damage. You can learn more about termite attacks here.
  3. Check the measurements of the land and compare it with the title document. You would be surprise to know how many houses we inspect where the actual measurements of the land are not consistent with the title measurements, therefore it’s best to find this sort of problem out first.
  4. Establish that any past building work has been issued with the required compliance certification. Illegal building work is common. Getting left with non-conforming building work after you settle can result in a building notice being issued and in some cases demolition of the works. It is common for decks, pergolas, the removal of internal walls, spas, pools and sheds to all be undertaken without the required documentation. You can check with your local council to establish if building permits have been issued in the last 6.5 years if you suspect illegal building work has been undertaken.
  5. Undertake a site assessment. Assessing the land and its drainage is vital. Consideration should also be given to neighbouring blocks in order to establish the effect they may have on your land. Remember that poorly drain sites can be hard to establish in summer months.

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