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Timber Pest Inspections Melbourne

Timber Pest Inspections in Melbourne Can Help to Preserve Your Home

Australian architects love to use timber to build homes. It is a versatile material that can easily be shaped and customized to create beautiful structures. The latest trends in the building industry are starting to include environmentally sustainable materials such as hemp and bamboo. Studies show humans experience feelings of wellbeing and happiness when surrounded by wood.

Building with wood and other organic materials might seem like a win-win situation for humans and the environment but living close to nature means natural weathering is not the only thing to worry about when maintaining a house. Termites, woodborers, and other pests are a threat to wooden structures, making regular timber pest inspections in Melbourne necessary.

Melbourne House Check can inspect your home for pests and problems, ensuring your property remains structurally sound. Here are a few issues we regularly encounter when we carry out timber pest inspections in Melbourne:

  • Termites hide in many homes. They move in undetected and act speedily, resulting in structural damage.
  • Several species of timber borers invade wooden structures. Both larvae and adult borers eat wood, causing extensive damage.
  • Mould and fungi thrive on wood, especially in humid areas. By secreting enzymes into the wood, they digest the sugars in wooden fibres, destroying the structure of the fibres and causing beams to weaken and collapse.
  • The scientific name for weathering is chemical delignification. Salt spray from the ocean and high concentrations of atmospheric chemicals from pollution can eat into exposed wood. Although weathering is a slow process compared to the damage done by other pests, it should be on the checklist when doing timber pest inspections in Melbourne.

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