The building inspection that uncovered car jacks.

Are you considering buying a house? Does the house look like it’s in good condition? Perhaps you’re thinking twice about whether to have a building inspection or not. Well, believe it or not, in most cases when major structural defects are identified, they are found in houses that present beautifully from the outside. In almost all cases, major structural defects are concealed and if it was not for the building inspection, the defect would go completely un-noticed. The above photograph was taken in a subfloor after settlement at a house in Melbourne. This particular subfloor door was nailed shut, preventing access pre-purchase. It was only after settlement did the buyers commission the inspection wanting peace of mind. What was found was astounding. Four car jacks supporting the floor load in a section of the house that required restumping. This is a defective condition that is vital to identify before you purchase rather than afterwards. In another case this week in Melbourne we discovered a subfloor that was completely consumed by water, that had been leaking from the main shower. Considerable damage had been done to the structural timbers of the subfloor requiring major rectification costs.

Brad Aylett-Sloan from Melbourne House Check says “an increasing number of clients are contacting us post purchase. In most cases they have not commissioned a house inspection prior to purchase because of the rush of the sale process. We are continually identifying structural defects that have been concealed pre-purchase. It’s important for house buyer to realise that identifying major structural defects is not a simple task for non-professionals and that crawling under the floor and in the roof space is vital. Knowing what to look for is also a skill that only an experience builder has”

Melbourne House Check have produced an e-book that exposes 20 of the most common cover-ups in houses. It is a must have document for anyone considering buying a house. The e-book can be downloaded here.

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  1. Peter Huber
    Peter Huber says:


    You are right that some people don’t take the house inspection as a serious matter. In a rush they buy some old home with glittering exterior but they are not aware that the house they bought is nothing but a piece of wood.
    Its happen many times some of my client come to me after buying the property, I rather would suggest that pre-Purchase house inspecting is the best practice to take.
    Once again, thanks Brad

  2. Peter Huber
    Peter Huber says:


    Nice post. Sometimes people underestimate the Inspection service and they buy new home without being un-inspected. Later they come to us for a help. So I would rather say to people to go for a pre- purchase inspection.
    Thanks again!

    • MHC
      MHC says:

      Hi Peter,
      You’re right, inspections are vital. As you know, just because a house looks good doesn’t mean it’s structurally sound or is without termites. I believe more and more people are commissioning building inspections prior to purchase, which is good. Helping people after settlement is common for us. Buyers either run out of time or feel rushed prior to purchase, but then after settlement want peace of mind that all is ok with the house.
      Kind regards, Brad.

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