Inspection reveals plumbing leaks in the subfloor

Leaking water pipes under a house is something that can be occurring for weeks, months or even years before it is detected.  Not many owners of property climb into their sub-floor void to check whether their plumbing services are adequate and so when it comes to buying a property, it is vital that a check is conducted to ensure that excess water has not caused structural damage.

Excess water in a subfloor can cause foundations to move due to the change in ground conditions; or fungal decay (wet rot) can eat away at any of the structural timber even if it is a very minor leak.

Excess moisture in a subfloor is also a condition which is a major attraction for termites and makes a house much more susceptible to termite attack. See our other blog posts on sub floor issues here.

Here at Melbourne House Check, our inspectors regularly come across plumbing defects in sub-floors that would cost the purchaser very large sums of money to rectify after the sale.  And if they had not had a Building Inspection carried out, they may have purchased the property without any knowledge of the costs to be bourne by them in the near future.

The attached video shows a severe leak in a hot water pipe that was identified recently under a house in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne while undertaking a Building and Pest inspection.  It cannot be determined exactly how long this pipe had been leaking for, but had the client not engaged Melbourne House Check to conduct the inspection, this defect my not have been identified and major structural issues may have become apparent within weeks or even days after settlement.

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If you are considering buying a property, it is critical that an inspection is undertaken to prevent these sort of defects becoming a problem for you down the track.  We are available to offer free phone advice whenever required regarding not only plumbing work but any element of a house. Please call Melbourne House Check now to book a property inspection.