The moment a family discovered they’d made a terrible mistake.

Watch the video of a house inspection in Melbourne Australia when termite damage was discovered rendering the house condemned. The family, purchasing their first home in an affluent suburb was so excited about their house purchase at the time, that having a house inspection prior to the end of the cooling off period was almost overlooked. Believe it or not it was actually the real estate agent that prompted the inspection. While the house presented as requiring renovation, it looked in fairly reasonable condition overall, however what was discovered was quite unbelievable. Termites had occupied and damaged almost the entire timber structure, including the subfloor, the walls and roof. Our pre-purchase inspector almost fell through the ceiling upon entering the roof space due to the extent of termite damage of the ceiling joists.

 The video shows an inspection of timber bearers in the subfloor that at first glance look normal, however were are actually completely hollow. The building inspector in the video is actually uncomfortable being under the house. Every single bearer and joist that is inspected by the pre purchase inspector has been completely consumed by termites. The same damage was noted in the roof space.

Understandably the family who bought the house were disappointed. Luckily however they were able to withdrawer from the purchase and have their deposit returned. It is worth noting however, that if they had left the building inspection just 1 day later, the cooling off period would have expired and withdrawing from the sale would not have been possible. Considering the extent of damage in this particular house, this scenario would have been financially disastrous for the family. Having a building inspection prior to purchase is vital.


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