Managing the Impact On The Housing Industry During A Global Pandemic

There is no denying that the global pandemic has affected all industries – the real-estate market and construction sector included.  This has had a huge impact on how we now conduct inspections and the day to day running of the inspection business at Melbourne House Check.

In Australia, the process of buying and selling a home can still take place without significant disruption, providing some common sense precautions are applied.  Strict implementation of social distancing and sanitation measures is at the forefront of our minds.  It now seems that avoiding physical contact with others and staying 1.5 metres away from the next person has become the new norm.  Sanitation measures including regular hand washing; using hand sanitizer; wearing face masks (over nose & mouth); QR code sign-in etc. have now become common practice – particularly when we are conducting inspections and associating with real-estate agents, vendors, tenants and various other industry professionals.

All of our staff and inspectors have also completed the COVID-19 infection control training course which covers all of the fundamentals of infection prevention and control. 

The pandemic is unfamiliar territory for everyone.  Even the experts are learning new things about the virus every day, and what we know now may no longer be relevant in the near future.  It is critical that we stay up to date with any new information about the pandemic, and regularly communicate with our staff and inspectors, as well as any clients, agents and other contacts.

For those that are keen to attend an inspection, it can sometimes be organised with correct protocols in place, however rest assured it is not necessary.  Our comprehensive inspection includes many photographs, will be well explained and easy to read.  Our experienced inspector will also call you directly on the day of the inspection to verbally go over and explain each defect in detail, and answer any further questions you might have.  

At Melbourne House Check we are working to ensure all inspections are conducted safely, while remaining committed to achieving our high standards and level of customer service are maintained.  If you are thinking about obtaining a building inspection and have any questions, or want to obtain a quote, you can talk directly to one of our industry professionals by calling 1300 729 352, or book online at