House inspections and the top 6 myths

1. The seller needs to fix all the defects documented in a house inspection report. – This is not true. In Australia there is no requirement for the seller to fix anything that is wrong with their house. In most cases the sale of the house is for offer in the condition that it is in when marketed and it is up to the buyer to identify the condition status.

2. Newly constructed houses don’t need to be inspected. – Newly constructed houses are just as prone to having defects as older houses. In so many cases builders rush the end of house construction and subsequently mistakes are made. It is common for new houses to have more defects than houses that have been lived in for years. New house inspection reports are vital.

3. Buyers need not attend the building inspection. – While it is not insisted upon it is definitely recommended that buyers attend the house inspection. Inspectors are usually generous in giving homeowners maintenance tips and advice in almost all the areas of a home, and by attending the inspection, it’s a good way to maximize the value of an inspection.

4. Only houses on stumps require pest inspections. – This is not correct, in fact in most cases houses constructed on concrete slabs offer termites complete undetected access. Houses built on stumps in most cases force termites to build mud leads to gain access and these mud leads can be much more easily identified. Pest inspections are vital for all houses.

5. Everything I need to know will be included in the house inspection report. – The report will give you excellent information and will point out all the defects but it’s important to remember that building inspections are a visual inspection only, and may not identify any hidden or concealed defects.

6. All home inspectors are licensed, experienced and insured builders, so I’m safe. – This isn’t true, so it’s important to ask questions about an inspector’s experience. Questions like whether they are a registered builder, insured, licensed and trained in house and pest inspections. Architects don’t always have the same technical experience and some don’t have pest inspection qualifications.

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