House inspection checklist – Melbourne House Check

Melbourne House Check has compiled a list of house inspection procedures that will help you when looking at houses in Melbourne. It’s called “32 Most Important House Inspection Procedures of a Veteran Builder” and it’s available FREE from our website. You can download a copy of the document here  At Melbourne House Check we say that there is no such thing as a perfect property, so it’s important to know the condition status of what you are buying. Inside this document you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid making potentially expensive mistakes when searching for a home.
  • A full procedural inspection checklist required for all building and pest inspections in Melbourne.
  • Inside secrets of how vendors may cover up problems and ways not to get caught out.

Get your copy of the checklist now here. You can have the checklist on your computer within 60 seconds. If you have any questions regarding house inspections please don’t hesitate to contact Brad for a no obligation discussion on 1300 729 352 or visit our page on pre purchase house inspections here.

You can view our Google+ post on this checklist also.