pre purchase inspections

Getting the most out of your inspection

pre purchase inspectionsFor most Australians, the most expensive cost in a persons lifetime is their home.  When purchasing a house, the risk incurred by not engaging an experienced inspector to advise on the condition of the house is not something I would recommend.  And having a carpenter / builder friend stick their head into the roof space or sub-floor is no alternative to someone who conducts inspections every day and knows what to look for when identifying major problems.

The reality is that no house is problem free.  They all have defects, and the purpose of engaging a specialist to conduct a Building and Pest Inspection, is to identify the seriousness of any problems.  This will then allow an informed decision as to whether the house is for you or not.

The main objective, is not just to identify the defects, but to provide clear advice to the client as to whether the dwelling is in an acceptable condition.  And to categorise the frequency and/or magnitude of defects when compared to other properties of a similar age, and construction and whether they have been reasonably well maintained.  For example, if you are buying a Victorian or Edwardian Era house (often over 100 years old), there are going to be a number of problems.  Dampness in walls and past termite activity is not uncommon.   The crucial matters that will need to be carefully scrutinised will be : Are there any Structural Defects to be concerned about?  Has any past damage or issues been rectified adequately?  What are the likely costs of future repairs?  Has it been well maintained over the lifespan of the dwelling?

Here at Melbourne House Check, our experienced inspectors are willing to have a thorough discussion upon completion of each inspection (either by meeting on site or over the phone) to explain any issues in a clear and simplified way, prior to writing up the report on the same day.

We have also published a booklet titled House Defect Cover-Ups Exposed. It is a must have document for anyone considering buying a house anywhere in Australia and can be downloaded for free from our website. Within this booklet is a detailed list of the 20 most common house cover-ups that you need to know about when buying real estate. The booklet also includes a Building and Pest Inspection Checklist to help assist you when searching for a house.

Bookings can be made or any queries can be answered by one of our experienced inspectors by calling 1300 729 352, or online at