Drone Inspections – Melbourne House Check

Melbourne House Check in association with National Drones have recently introduced aerial asset inspections to the list of their services. Because inspecting assets manually is such a time consuming and labour intensive process, we utilise unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to cut costs, deliver efficiencies and save time. In most cases building inspection and rooftop inspections are a dangerous activity of which our drone services overcome.

Regular inspection of assets prevents faults, service interruptions and deterioration caused by neglect. Early detection of defects is particularly important as infrastructure ages. Bridges and overpasses, train lines and even monuments and buildings of historical importance also require regular inspection; more so following a severe weather event.

High definition imaging, SD modelling, digital thermography and inferred are just some of the applications that we make affordably accessible through our remotely piloted aircraft operations. Our drone services Melbourne wide provide intelligence to technical engineers reducing maintenance and extending the life of valuable assets.

 Call us today to book a free demonstration to discover how using one of our fully insured, licensed and experienced UAV controllers can help you cut costs, deliver efficiencies and save time. Melbourne House Check can be contacted on 1300 729 352.