Building inspection in Melbourne averts disaster yet again

When we conducted a pre purchase building inspection at this Donvale house in Melbourne it was almost totally destroyed by termites, and it had taken just 5 months. The owners had no idea that the house was being total consumed when Melbourne House Check conducted a building inspection at the house for other reasons. To their surprise we found active termites in all areas of the house. After the shocking discovery that termites had eaten through most of the structural components of the house, came the even harder discovery that their insurance didn’t cover the damage of termites. It’s a bit like having your house built in a flood prone area and not being covered for flood damage. Actually, most people have no idea when we tell them that house insurance doesn’t cover termite attack. Anyway, luckily this family commissioned a termite management program immediately which is having affect right now. The damage will be assessed later. 12 Monthly pest inspections aren’t often enough. We are finding evidence of termite activity in about 1 in 8 of our building and pest inspections  in Melbourne. At Melbourne House Check we study termite attack in houses. Call us on 1300 729 352 or send us an email here.