Building inspection in Melbourne avoids a disaster

Melbourne House Check have yet another story this week of how a building inspection prevented a family from buying a financial disaster. An increasingly common case of a well presented house having a long list of cover ups and defects that would have literally cost tens of thousands of dollars to rectify. This particular Melbourne house had been renovated by the vendor and the work was not conducted in line with our building code and also access to the subfloor and roof space was prevented. Conditions included load bearing walls that had been removed without adequate structural reinforcement and non-compliant plumbing work.
Pre purchase inspections are vitally important in ensuring that you are clear about the structural status of a house. If you wish to speak with us regarding a house inspection in a Melbourne House that you are considering purchasing please feel free to contact us on 1300 729 352, or send us an email here.

You can view our Google+ post on this matter also.