interior house cracks 1

What do cracks mean inside a house?

interior house cracks 1It is very difficult to determine how serious a wall crack is, but it is possible to analyse the crack and the surrounding area to determine whether it is a surface blemish or whether a more serious underlying structural issue is present.  All structures have some degree of settlement within the first few months, and sometimes years after construction, and minor cracks are likely to be visible.  When conducting Pre-Purchase Building Inspections and Condition Reports, the inspectors at Melbourne House Check will help identify the cause of any cracking and potential rectification measures necessary.

Some characteristics of cracks which might indicate that there is a more serious factor at play include:

  • Width of the crack is larger than 3mm
  • The crack does not run in a straight line – ie is jagged, stepped or one side higher than the other
  • Doors in the area no longer close, or sticky windows that are difficult to open due to excessive building movement

There are countless number of issues that could be causing the cracking within a property including (to name just a few):

  • foundations that are moving due to excessive moisture in the subfloor
  • inadequate foundations in reactive soils or poorly installed stumps in the sub-floor
  • old timber stumps that require replacement
  • inadequate bracing within stud walls

Melbourne House Check encounter issues such as the ones above regularly and our experienced inspectors are here to assist with your decision by correctly identifying whether cracking within a house has an underlying structural problem.  If you are considering buying a property contact us to arrange an inspection now to ensure you do not make a potentially very costly mistake.