Pest inspections in Melbourne: conditions to look for.

At Melbourne House Check we are overly aware of conditions around house that are conducive to termite attack. When conducting pre purchase building and pest inspections in Melbourne we advise our clients of these conditions and make recommends for the removal and rectification in order to prevent the risk of future timber pest presence.

These conditions commonly include the following:
• Bridging or breaching of termite barriers and inspection zones. In a concrete slab building it is essential that the edge of the slab is permanently exposed. An inspection zone of at least 75mm should be maintained so that termites are forced into the open where they can be detected more readily.
• Untreated or non-durable timber in contact with the ground. For example railway sleepers used as garden bed barriers may encourage termite activity. It is important that timber used in a hazardous environment is of sufficient natural durability or is adequately preserved.
• Cellulose materials littered around and in the subfloor of the house may attract termite attack and should always be removed as soon as possible.
• Lack of subfloor ventilation is a restriction of natural air movement under a suspended timber floor. Good ventilation protects against the degradation of timber caused by fungal decay and insect attack.
• The presence of excessive moisture. Excessive moisture exists where timber or soil hold enough moisture to attract or support termite colony development or fungal growth.
Removing conditions around the house that are conducive to termite attack is essential. At Melbourne House Check we offer a professional pre purchase building and pest inspections in Melbourne for $520 including GST. We co-ordinate the inspection directly with the agent and deliver the report to you the same day. We also offer free ongoing building support if you purchase the house. Call us on 1300 729 352 for further advice on our building and pest inspections in Melbourne or send us an email here.

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