building inspection checklist

Building Inspections Checklist

Conducting a thorough building inspection prior to purchasing a house is vital. However, because there are so many elements of a house that are concealed, it can be quiet difficult to expose all the problems. At Melbourne House Check we have developed a checklist of building inspection procedures that we follow while conducting a building inspection in Melbourne. It may be a helpful tool for you, while searching for the right house, and you are welcome to download it from our website, free. Sometimes, as builders it’s easy to expect that everyone understands the technical side of building inspections, when actually it’s a fairly complicated process that we need to simplify when communicating with people.
You will discover from this report, the structured checklist we follow at each and every building inspection, whether it’s a concrete slab or a suspended timber frame, you will become more aware of the potential problem areas of each house and be more able to identify suspected cover-ups. At Melbourne House Check we appreciate your business and assure you of a professional service that extends past the handing over of the report document. We hope this checklist helps you and we would be more than happy to assist you along the way while you are conducting your own building inspections.
Download the building inspections checklist here or Melbourne House Check can be contacted on 1300 729 352.

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