Building inspections and brickwork cracking.

The brickwork in a house can be either structural or non-structural. Sometimes the brickwork supports the load from the roof and floors, and some brickwork is simply used as external cladding. Either way, when brickwork develops cracks, it can be expensive to rectify, so it’s vital to establish whether the brickwork in a house is a structural or non-structural component. Having a building inspection will do just that, and it will also determine the current strength and integrity of the brickwork, by assessing its age, and the construction method used to build it. A building inspection may also assess the site and land of the property, by considering the area and the general sub-ground volatility, as some areas are more reactive than others. The featured images show brick cracks that we found during different building inspections in Melbourne this past week. Cracks such as these need to be investigated further to determine both the cause and the cost of rectification. To speak with us further about a pre purchase building inspection in Melbourne, or contact us at Melbourne House Check here, or call us on 1300 729 352.

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