This Melbourne House Looked Perfect Inside and Out

Wait till you see the video

A client of ours Mark bought this house in Melbourne with a clause “subject to a building and pest inspection”. Thank goodness for him, because what we found under the house will absolutely astound you. What initially looked in order, turned out to be an absolute disaster, to the point where the entire house needed to be condemned? The sad part is, this house in Melbourne, which has just been listed on the real estate market, will probably sell to a first home buyer that doesn’t commission a building inspection. Mark said “having a building inspection today has saved me from financial ruin on my first home. The house looked perfect inside and out.”

Watch the 40 second video and see what can happen underneath houses.

Building Inspections can save you from financial ruin. Melbourne House Check conduct building inspections Melbourne wide

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  1. David
    David says:

    Good thing they checked under the house and saw the extent of the house damage. If it not had been for the inspection, the homeowner wouldn’t have any idea at all. This video clearly demonstrate how important building and pest inspection is.

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