Brickwork above garage doors. Beware.

It is a common assumption that if a structure is made from bricks and mortar, that it is strong. This is simply not true, and in particular, commonly the brickwork that sits on top of garage roller doors is a major safety concern. For some 50 years in Melbourne this brickwork above garage doors has not been designed well enough by architects and engineers. Structural adequacy has not been considered for long term movement and weather conditions, and often this brickwork displays major structural cracking at the height of the door, whether it be a roller door or a tilt up door. Thereafter the attachment of basketball rings are also common, which adds to its weakness, not to mention the risk of someone hanging off the ring. During our building inspections in Melbourne we see this defect often, and while we are diligent in our documentation of the problem, we understand that often, because it is the garage, the problem is ignored. Please be aware of the imminent risk of brickwork collapse of these defects. Consultation by a licenced builder or engineer is recommended if you suspect brickwork weaknesses. Melbourne House Check is available for free consultation regarding garage door brickwork. Alternatively if you require a building inspection in Melbourne you can contact us here or call us on 1300 729 352.
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