Borer damage in houses. How bad can it get?

One of the worst cases of borer attack we have seen for a while was discovered in a recent house inspection in Melbourne. Evidence of borer attack was noted in the subfloor bearers and joists and as the attached video shows, the building inspector was able to crumble structural timbers in his hand with no effort. Borer attack in houses is rarely cause for alarm, but rather for careful consideration of three main points. Namely the identification of the particular borer responsible, whether the infestation is still active, and the extent of the damage. Full consideration should be given to each of these items before any action is taken. This particular attack was considered consistent with that caused by the type of borer `Lyctus brunneus’ (powder post beetle). Identification was possible due to the location and age of the building, the type of timbers used in the construction process, and the presence of round exit holes and the fine powdery frass below the affected timbers. The treatment of active `Lyctus’ infestation is seldom warranted, but in this case structural damage to the infested timber has occurred. Watch the video for an interesting account of our property inspection and the damage that timber pests can cause in houses. This particular house was for sale, and the vendor had no idea of the damage lurking underneath the floor, unfortunately nor did the majority of buyers. Needless to say that our client was relieved after the findings of the building inspection. For more information about timber pest attack inspection in Melbourne, contact us on 1300 729 352 or send us an email.
You can view our you tube video of this borer damage here.