Do ant caps prevent termites getting into my house?

The answer is no. Ant caps are simply designed to divert termites out and around the ant cap in order to make identification of the termite lead more easily visible during building inspections. Ant caps don’t actually make it harder for termites, nor do they prevent termites from entering the timber components of the house. It is a common misperception that ant caps actually prevent termite activity and often it is believed that if ant caps are installed on top of stumps, further inspections are not required. During building inspections in Melbourne we often enter sub floors where no one has inspected for years. The concern with not inspecting regularly is that if termites do become active in a house, considerable damage can be caused within only 3 – 4 months, without any obvious evidence inside the house. It is vital to conduct regular timber pest inspections. The attached photo shows a termite mud lead bypassing the ant cap. For more information on termites and ant caps  contact us here or call us on 1300 729 352.
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